Japanese black pines heat and growth

The Shohin bonsai summer has been hot, then wet, and then looking to be warm again. It’s the middle of summer and the second growing period pushes new growth.

The Japanese Black Pine is ready for adjustments and decandling where Japanese maples now have set the second flush of spars growth after the first strong growth in spring.

Now it is more delicate and weaker, and therefore care must be taken to keep the balance of growth. Earlier the canopy was opened by reducing every pair of strong leaves to only one leaf, letting light inside the canopy and at the same time keeping energy balance to the remaining leaves and branches. The second pruning now is focused on opening a little more and reducing the larger leaves so new growth will develop satisfyingly. Also, any elongated growth not wanted can be pruned back at this time.

It’s time to decandle two flush pines now

And when we are talking two flush pines (Japanese Black and Red pines) it’s often said they will not thrive in Europe. Which isn’t true anymore.

First of all, Europe is many countries with very different climates so we can’t put them all in one basket. Southern Europe (France, Spain, Italy and more are very different from Northern European countries like Denmark, The Netherlands, the UK and more.

Southern Europe has always been able to deliver the right growing conditions for the Japanese Black Nad Red pines, which is intense heat over a long period and lots of light. This has not been the case so far in Northern Europe where summer often is unstable, too cold and lacks a long warm season. Climate change also changes this though.

The past two seasons’ weather has changed a lot, and it is clearly visible how Japanese Black Pine shohin grew much stronger than they did just a few seasons ago. Usually, I do not recommend growing Japanese black Pines around here, but this has changed. If the climate stays as it is now, they will perfectly well grow and thrive here today. Maybe still not the same strong growth as in Japan, but still good enough to do some nice development and keep them healthy and in shape. Now I do say, give it a go. The mentioned two seasons have proven that they do grow well now and I look forward to seeing how this will influence the development of JBP in the future.

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