Noren curtain and Japanese maples

The traditional Japanese Noren curtain is now hanging at the entrance to the bonsai workshop in the garden.

The classic Japanese Noren curtain

The classic Noren curtain has been used in Japan to keep curious eyes from looking in, but more important to keep the strong sunlight out, avoid a fly or two enterings, and block dust and easing wind at the entrance. Besides the decorative effect and sometimes informative text. Today it is more of a decorative element of shops and private properties.

It adds that atmosphere to the whole scenery, and I enjoy those details making the garden a tranquil quiet place to be. Noren 暖簾 is a traditional Japanese fabric divider used both as indoor and outdoor curtain decorations. If you have been around Japan you will see them in many places. They are divided into two or three sections so they are easy to push aside and enter the room.

The curtain can be changed to match the situation or time of the year. I find the blue colour and fishes add a cooling atmosphere of summer. The Japanese Kanji says something like “fish”.

How to control Japanese maple growth in summer?

The Shohin Bonsai School will be live streaming the usual Thursday at 8 PM (CET +2) and we have three different Shohin maples on the working table. With three different tasks and techniques to deal with.

If you have any questions for the live stream the chat module is open during the live stream, and I will answer questions during the live as usual. Read more and sign up for a membership and get instant access to all material. 



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