Video sample – November bonsai edition

Today you can watch a shorter sample of the content we released for November. Kisetsu-en bonsai online tutorials take you through the season and suggest different subjects for your own bonsai creativity.

Kisetsu-en follows the seasons all year round, and I do my best to bring you both creative ideas and techniques to grow and improve your bonsai. The members Q&A takes up a lot of time, and I strive to give students a precise and adequate response every time.

Maybe the only online bonsai school where we have a very high focus on the small trees.

Shohin bonsai is a cornerstone of Kisetsu-en. But like at many enthusiasts bonsai collections I cover a large variety of trees in different sizes in the Kisetsu-en bonsai nursery. Because I like to add variation and explore the different aspects of bonsai art.

What a membership gives you:

  • Pro-members get access to all video tutorials and the full archive.
  • Access to ask questions on tree development and growing techniques with a personal response.
  • Take part in the monthly Live Q&A and experience the Kisetsu-en friendly and educational spirit.
  • Extra videos, articles and podcasts are added frequently.
  • A full overview of the seasonal activities in your bonsai garden – month by month
  • Covering the basics to the advanced bonsai enthusiast
  • Teaching bonsai art with inexpensive material and using your creativity

Improve your skills – Improve your bonsai

The best way to explore the bonsai hobby is to learn and care for your bonsai. Improving them by learning techniques and when to apply them to your tree.

I strive to bring on all the techniques and experiences gained through many years of growing bonsai from often simple material. With a base in the Japanese bonsai art, bringing both traditions and new approaches forward.

I hope you will enjoy being part of Kisetsu-en. Kind regards, Morten Albek.



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