Yes. Just needed to spell it out in capital letters, because Shohin bonsai is just fun to work with and beautiful to watch.

The online bonsai school at Kisetsu-en covers all kinds of bonsai, but I think it is the regular online teaching bonsai school that always have content including the smallest trees.

There are a lot of reasons for that, and one is the playfulness and lighthearted approach many of us have to Shohin bonsai. There is so much joy in sitting with a “giant” tree in the palm of your hand.

Working at it is quick and fun. The expression also seems, to me at least, to be light and fresh. Shohin bonsai always gives me a smile on my face. Call them cute or beautiful or whatever you want. Small is pretty.

One of the November topics at Kisetsu-en is about the Pinus mugo as bonsai. Every month we publish “species of the month” and give you guidelines to grow a species.

The Pinus mugo is the topic this time, and Morten Albek set the bones of a future Shohin in this tutorial.


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Do you know any other online bonsai schools with almost a full focus on Shohin bonsai?
We also do larger bonsai, but ❤ Shohin so much that we always have topics related to the smallest bonsai.
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