4 of top 5 bonsai

May I present: The Juniper. Which is the fourth bonsai I have added to this fun personal top 5 list of favourite bonsai. I could easily have made a top ten list, but we keep it at five. Junipers are without doubt one of the most popular specimens all over the bonsai world. Its qualities [...]

All sizes bonsai workshop

Big and smaller bonsai was part of the bonsai workshop at Torben Brenfeldt this past Saturday. Nice to be part of a workshop in a friendly atmosphere, just working on trees all day long, finishing with a BBQ at night. Many well known Danish faces turned up this day, working on quality trees. A helpful [...]

Chinese bonsai article about Morten Albek

The Chinese (updated) website Buzzhand.com has written an article about me and my bonsai. You can read it here if you read Chinese - or use a translation tool. The words are very praising, and I do feel very proud that there is such a focus on the bonsai community outside China.

Shohin bonsai weekend workshop

A really great weekend workshop with my German friends at the Bonsai Werkstatt in Düsseldorf. I may be a bad teacher, because the same people seems to need coming back to the workshop. 🙂 Also new friends arrived, and everybody worked really dedicated through both days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvMJ4wYoIqg Many high quality shohin trees and future trees [...]