Danish Bonsai exhibition

A full weekend of bonsai activities ended. Displaying bonsai is a headline of any bonsai event, and it is always interesting to show your own work and watch what others are setting up for display. Some bonsai previously exhibited is back and improved. New comes forward. Always exciting to see, and especially pleasing to experience how standards keep on improving. Both regarding the quality of the individual tree as well as understanding the principles of displaying.

TV recordings

As a fun part of the weekend, a TV crew came by and interviewed about bonsai. With a bit of humour included. Maybe I was totally set up for a prank or it was just their take on it. Well, I did a few jokes back so it might turn out well. The joy of bonsai is important so having a bit of fun is not in the way in an otherwise so serious world.

Exhibition and rules

I will follow up with an Almost Friday video from the exhibition and like to add some comments about displaying. Because a larger number of people I spoke to this past weekend asked about the rules. From everything to the number and colours of pots. So let us take a look at that later this week.

Shohin bonsai display, Morten Albek.

If you have any questions regarding this, just let me know before Wednesday, September 22, so I can include this.

Below are the displays, I set up for the Danish Bonsai Society exhibition this time. The 40th anniversary of the association by the way. Going to be repeated and expanded on Sunday where I have a personal exhibition.

More posts to come in the next few days.

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