Black Pine styling

Now online and ready to stream.

I am styling a Japanese black pine Shohin bonsai. Step by step each detail is shown and explained. Learn about the styling process and how to balance health between each branch.

Japanese black pines are traditionally used for many Shohin bonsai displayed at the Gafu-ten exhibition in the wintertime. This species has some challenges but is also very rewarding when successfully trained for Shohin bonsai.

With this, the holidays take over and we will take a two-week break and see you all with new content right after the New Year. All video content will be posted on Thursdays as usual.

As you may have noticed there is a small change. Instead of the Live stream we now post HQ finished videos for better play quality and still with the usual Live Q&A at the end of each month (except December when we all take a little time off hopefully).

Enjoy your holidays and a huge thank you for the support. I will post more holiday wishes but I want to take the time to thank everybody.

Watch 1 hour and 7 minutes in detail



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