LIVE CHANGE to a weekly bonsai video stream

One step backwards sometimes is a giant step forward. Related to the issues I have had over the last year making live streaming with dropouts, sound failures and all that stuff you don’t want to happen. Searching for some solutions but it seems like the streaming isn’t steady enough for live transmissions. And, being a one-man band, it’s difficult to overlook the technical side at the same time as teaching.
I therefore decided to change the weekly streaming to be recorded and published as before. Better quality, more varied content, and first and foremost reliable streaming will be an improvement.

The Live Q&A is kept as it is and will run on the last Thursday of every month, except for the Christmas holidays.

LIVE CHANGE to a weekly video stream

Also, because 98% of the members watch the recorded streams at other times, this change will not be a major issue I guess. So, a little different from usual a new video is published Thursday. More to follow on the theme of that one.
All content will be the same. Now in full control and I hope you will enjoy it.

Thursday the styling of a Japanese Black Pine will be ready to stream.

What’s next?

Thursday the styling of a Japanese Black Pine is the main subject and it is published Thursday afternoon. Then a two-week holiday and we are back on track in early January. I will of course keep you updated here and on Social media.

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