Bonsai holidays

Dear Bonsai friends.
Thank you for sending messages and warm Christmas wishes. It warms my heart and I truly hope we will all have as peaceful as possible Christmas time.
It is a special time of the season when many turn their focus on their family activities and celebrating Christmas time. Some chop down a large tree to decorate the room and others already chopped down trees a long time before to grow them in pots as miniature gestures to the living trees out there.

Bonsai adds a special connection to trees

Without bonsai, my life would be different. Not only am I committed to taking care of these small treasures but it also builds a stronger connection the nature. It may never have been as important as today where climate changes change many lives around the earth.

Many hours are used every month to take care of and form trees in pots. Both the challenges and the joy are rewarding parts of growing bonsai.

We will have a few days off and turn with new video tutorials from January 4th. Take care of yourself and your family and enjoy this time when the light soon will make the days longer than the nights here in Northern Europe.
Morten Albek Photography

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