Bonsai workshop night

We actually worked more than speaking (gossiping). That’s true. Concentrated on giving my Pinus mugo the first initial styling after six years of focusing on back budding. I will get back with the story of that tree later. Torben working on a Scots pine and some more.

Shohin trimmed and getting ready for the first spring growth. The Lonicera nitida already set fire on spring with new long growth. As it always does as the first tree in the collection. Most trees are repotted now, so I just want that spring heat to arrive, and see it all out on the benches again. With warnings about night freezing I have to control my self a little longer.

Raffia used to protect branches needing severe bending at the Pinus mugo. Originally a garden container grown plant.

Our small study group was reduced this night because of the third member being on holiday at the other side of the world. Therefore it was just Torben and me this night. The good thing about being a small group is the intensity of the work done. Discussing each others trees freely. The good thing about larger meetings is meeting friends and working together, being inspired by others work.

A few picks from the night. 

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