Crataegus development first 3 years

Hawthorn, Crataegus monogynaFrom collecting this Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, has developed fine so far. Still in early progress, but now settled in a good pot. The first tree years has been focusing in surviving, by doing nothing but watering and feeding aggressively the first two years until healthy strong growth showed. After another year I started the first styling moves. First the deadwood was worked on. not at once, but step by step. Next, the branches have been wired and pruned to develop new branches.

The tree sprouts with new fresh branches all over the old trunk, so I have to remove new shoots periodically.

Now its the last month of summer, and growth slows down a little. I will leave the new shoots growing more freely now to develop the root system hidden in the soil, to strengthen the tree for further styling in spring.

It is important to give a bonsai a time off in between, so it gathers strength and vigour, especially in the training period where wiring and pruning stresses the tree. So next move, will be in spring.

The tree was originally collected in Wales (UK) in 2007 with Tony Tickle, Hans van Meer and friends.


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