Tutorials cooking with Shohin and Mame bonsai

The laptop is hot. Cooking the 5 X new video tutorials for the Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online Magazine coming out August 1.

We are not sleeping our holidays away here at Kisetsu-en. Well, we try to get some days off, but delivery must be on time. And we really look forward to treating you with a lot of content focusing on Shohin and Mame-bonsai this time.

Shohin and Mame-bonsai aren’t covered very much elsewhere. Despite being continuously growing in popularity.

Make bonsai small again

Mame-bonsai is the subcategory of Shohin bonsai classifications. Mame also popularly name bean bonsai because of the small size. Not larger than 4 Inches / 10 centimetres from the rim of the pot to the top of the tree. With exceptions of how to measure.

Growing Mame-bonsai can be even trickier than taking care of Shohin. And what about finding material. We cover that in the new episodes and having good fun with growing these small trees.

Coming up here at Kisetsu-en August 1. With all the other content. Headlines listed here:

Bonsai seasonal care

Species of the month: Itoigawa Juniper

Mame-bonsai introduction

Mame bonsai – starting your own with simple material

Black Pine candle pruning

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