Lonicera nitida development

Five years ago I was given this little Lonicera nitida from a bonsai friend, because he did not had any good ideas about how to style it.

I started the styling after one year, cutting back branches only leaving back the basics. This specimen makes new growth vigorously, so they are easy to start from scratch, pruning back hard. The basic styling is by cutting and wiring the still bendable younger branches in position. Later when the branches grows and gets thicker, they will no be possible to bend anymore.

The red pot is enhancing the colours of the dark green leaves very well I think, and the shape of the pot enhances the overall form. The lover branches will in future be lowered even more.

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  • Simon Haddon

    What a fantastic little tree. I’m working on a larger tree of the same species and I hope that I get a result half as good as your,
    Kindest Regards,

  • Maciej Targosinski

    Very nice trees, great work as always. i am just shocked how small the root ball is.
    Best regards.

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