The shohin pot from Bálint Tirpák Mafia

A very kind gesture has been made from Hungarian shohin `Mafia´ member Bálint Tirpák. So he made his own pot for me, and it arrived today as gesture of gratitude for inspiration through this blog and websites throughout the years. Nicely wrapped in a box and clothing, the pot inside is a modern styled shohin pot with Japanese styled patterns, and it has its own unique expression which I like very much. There are more pots at their website (link further down this article). A pot in my collection that also will be treasured because it was given as a sign of the friendships that are passed on through bonsai. Thank you, and I owe you a beer at least .-)

You may be wondering why I wrote Mafia at the top, but the explanation is simple. Budapest resident and shohin lover Bálint Tirpák and frinds have their own little shohin Mafia study group, and you can see more of them and their work at their blog  – just use a translating web tool to read it if you, like me, are not so good in the Hungarian language 😉

The blog you find here:

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  • alfredo espino

    A beautiful gift from a gifted poet! Thanks for sharing, Morten. Greetings from El Salvador.


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