Larrys bonsai visit

Yesterday we had visitors from over there. Larry and Rose Benjamin made a stop at Kisetsu-en, making a bonsai visit before continuing their Scandinavian round tour. Always a great pleasure having people around and making new friends.

Larry Benjamin talking with Johnny Eslykke.

Larry and Rose

We had a great time strolling around the garden talking bonsai. Rose joined my wife and talked gardening and art. Meanwhile Larry and I videotaped a presentation of the garden for the local bonsai club.

As usual I make a presentation at the garden Tokonoma, as well as in the house. Respecting and celebrating guests.

Trident maple, Acer buergerianum.

Afterwards we moved on making a visit at my friend Johnny Eslykkes garden.

In the afternoon Rose and Larry returned for dinner and much more talking. Until they both were too tired and needed a nap before they continued their holiday tour. Maybe we will meet again in the US later on. A nice day with some great people.

Kisetsu-en garden, Morten Albek.

Two galleries below. First one is from my garden, Kisetsu-en. Second gallery is from the garden of Johnny Eslykke.

Gallery – Kisetsu-en, Morten Albek

Gallery – Johnny Eslykke

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