Spring – again and again


Spring comes – year after year, and it is the same joy I experience, again and again. The excitement of new growth and the worry about trees suffering from yet another cold winter. This not as bad as the two second ones, but still enough to be concerned about the health of the small shohin and mame-bonsai.  All my tree are stored in the unheated green house. A small window from the heating room lets in a bit of warm air, keeping the temperatures slightly higher benefiting the trees during especially the cold January and February.

Now its time to prepare repotting, but only a few trees needs it this year. Only if the pots are filled with roots and watering is difficult at established trees, it is necessary to repot. I check the bottom of the pots, and if the drainage holes are blocked by dense roots it is time to repot. If not, established trees are better of by waiting another season, leaving a undisturbed root system supporting the tree and branches fully.

Unfortunately a late remaining of winter hits the area this next week, so I hold back repotting until its over, and then the bonsai are hopefully ready to be put back on the benches in open air again and a new season can begin.










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