Black Scissors in China and grand opening


A few days left before going to China with the Black Scissors community. Look very much forward meeting friends and making new ones. And not the least, to work on trees at the demo.

2014. At the Mini Bonsai Paradise nursery in China.

Promising bonsai future

I can’t remember the International bonsai scene being more alive than it is at the moment. Everywhere there seems to be organized great events and on a high level. Bonsai has a promising future if the development continues like this worldwide.

December 20th

Next step for me, is taking on the journey of my bonsai book printed ten years ago. Now the age is for video and the new Bonsai Video Studio will be online from December 20. There is a lot of work setting up the website – also relaunched December 20 in a new skin and with all content available. All details must be in place, and I have reviewed and adjusted it several times. The work isn’t finished but will be ready for the Grand Opening just before Christmas.

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I hope it will succeed and be a great learning place for both beginners and trained bonsai enthusiasts.

“Shooting” with a vintage 16mm film camera. For fun. Because the new videos are recorded with top level gear so you get the best, but with film quality like in the old days.

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