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Yesterday I went to a bonsai social meeting at Martin Nielsens garden in Denmark. A lucky weather day. Sunshine almost all day, made it a great day for an outdoor gathering with bonsai enthusiasts. Small workshops where everybody offers their help. No specific teachers, just a social and friendly way of expanding knowledge and inspiration. And swapping trees or selling. A not to be missed relaxed event.

Bonsai walk

We started with a walk through Martins garden, where he explained his thoughts about his trees, different development stages and perspectives on growing bonsai from own collected material. Valuable words for especially newcomers in bonsai.


After the bonsai walk, we made stage critiques. Selecting random trees at very different stages. From very simple and raw to well-trained specimens. Putting one tree up at the time, and discussing pro and cons. All with the spirit of trying to find the best in the material and give the owner inspiration. A great time spent with a lot of different and interesting solutions. We might be lucky to follow the progression of these bonsai in the future. Exciting to see if they go in the suggested directions or take a twist.

Thank you Martin for hosting the event.

Martin Nielsen explains in his bonsai garden.

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