Shohin course early bird

Pre-enroll the Shohin bonsai course, and get an early bird discount at 30% off the regular price.

Discount ends November 7th. Please pre-enroll now at Bonsai Empire to get your discount.

The Shohin bonsai course is all filmed in the bonsai garden of Morten Albek, Shohin Bonsai Europe.

The Shohin bonsai course is  launched November 10th

If you are already a paying member of the Shohin Bonsai Europe Studio, you have the content already. If not, sign up and get the concentrated package about shohin bonsai.

There are hours of how to grow your own shohin bonsai from basic or pre-trained material. How to take care of shohin, eáethetics, displaying and so much more.

The Shohin bonsai course is a brought to you by Bonsai Empire, and we will follow up in the summer 2019 with a new course. Concentrating on advanced Shohin bonsai techniques, building on this first course launched November 10th.

Course is avaliable here:


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