Forsythia spring flowers

One of my medium-sized new trees is a Forsythia showing the nice yellow flowers right now. It is a new tree in my collection, found in my garden two years ago. A simple forest clump style bonsai made from a bush growing in the front garden. I liked the base and after cutting back several new trunks showed up, and I decided to have a go on a clump or forest style bonsai instead of electing only one trunk for the future.

Flowers versus growth

Normally I will remove all flowers at the moment they appear to ensure the development of leaves and branches. Most flowering bushes and trees will take up space for new growth, and therefore it is advisable to remove flowers or fruits to ensure growth. This is of course when we are dealing with trees that need growth and development of branches, that shouldn’t be slowed down unnecessary.

The Forsythia though keeps the flowers for only a short period, and as soon as new leaves begin to show I remove all the flower buds, so they don’t take up space and let new growth appear instead. But for a few days, the flowers can be enjoyed.

The tree is very young but develops well and will mature over time. Branch formation needs several seasons of styling and ramification has to be improved over time. But the basic style is settled and only patient work will be needed.

Scar healing

The scar healing of the Forsythia goes well, where larger branches were cut. The branches are hollow to some extend in the centre, and have to be protected with a cutting paste to avoid water, fungus and bacterial attack at open wounds.

The scars heal up surprisingly well, and in one growing season the callus has grown well. Within another year of growth, I expect the wounds to be closed completely.

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