Unboxing Thor Holvila bonsai pots

In cooperation with Thor Holvilla bonsai pots.

Video with Thor Holvila bonsai pots

I received a box of bonsai pots. Quality bonsai pots are what we need to enhance the beauty of bonsai. Thor Holvila has his pottery in Sweden and has built up a good reputation over the last few years in the bonsai world.

European bonsai potters are solidly based in the old handcraft traditions and in recent years the bonsai potters have received respect even in Japan.

Thor Holvila makes bonsai pots with heart. Inspired by the ocean or the seasonal changes. You can visit him at his website www.holvilabonsaipot.com and Facebook www.facebook.com/HolvilaBonsaipot/

Watch the video where the pots are unboxed and presented.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/2-dUtnXegak” /]

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