Next bonsai video and new upcoming format

We are entering autumn/fall little by little. Slowly days are getting shorter and colder. Autumn can be everything from wet, windy, and warm to sunny, silent, and cold.

In the next episode, released Thursday, October 8, we focus on watering, feeding, and fungal diseases. Added our popular Q&Q with questions about the timing of wiring deciduous bonsai and troubleshooting maple leafs showing signs of damage.

Format change

Introducing a new and improved format. Following the seasons, with a focus on styling, caretaking, and inspiration as we already do. Added more information in a longer format once a month. It is easier to tell the full story and go more in-depth with subjects in a longer format rather than smaller weekly episodes (which are difficult to keep short by the way. As you may have experienced). Also, it will be easier to fit in small but important tips and tricks. Therefore we send the usual weekly episode on Thursday and then change to the once a month big episode.

Launched the last day of every month, looking into the next.

To better prepare you for the seasonal changes and actions in the bonsai garden, we now launch this as an improved concept. 

The MONTHLY BONSAI VIDEO MAGAZINE will collect and share the seasonal activities of the forthcoming month. 

In every episode, the focus will be on the SEASONS. With styling, growing advice, seasonal display, and of course the Q&A members service. 

The new improved format demands more planning and room for adding shorter tips and tricks, not fitting the previous weekly format that will be too fragmented.

You get more, not less

All just collected in a full-length format, instead of shorter weekly episodes, not giving room for a coherent content. 

Hopefully giving you a better overview of the actions during the month, adding more inspirational content and guidelines in one full package. And giving us time to better produce a quality product for your enjoyment. 

Members Q&A

Q&A´s are answered directly in writing as we use too in between launching the monthly episode. This way you get your answer when you need the solution, and then we wrap it up in the next episode to share the knowledge.

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