Snowy bonsai – and save before midnight

Wow. Snow did fall for the very first time this year. Stunning.

Most bonsai are stored protected, but the snow too will protect the trees left outdoor. Some trees are brought out in the cold for a few days, getting a protecting layer of snow. And, as important, getting hardened off.

The larger bonsai stay outside, on the ground, covered by snow, and in protection from winds. If no snow, and still freezing, they are covered otherwise so they do get the cold, but aren’t damaged by freezing winds or much rain.

More fragile trees are stored inside, but still getting some cold. Azaleas are easily damaged if freezing is severe. The trunk and exposed area may burst when frozen.

Hardening bonsai

If the trees adapted to the cold dormancy period in winter are not exposed to some cold during the winter, they will slowly weaken over time. Therefore it is beneficial to let them stay out for a weeks time or so. The snow will help hem adding an isolating coat. As nature does.

Shohin is more vulnerable though, so they are brought in again after a few days because the soil freezes and roots dislike that. The larger trees on the ground get some “heat” from the ground, and the bigger volume of soil and roots copes better.

Temperatures these days are -3 to -5 Celsius (27 -23 Fahrenheit). If it gets colder than that, more protection will be arranged. But usually, it is for a shorter period of time only, and it hasn’t been freezing both day and night for some years now. It is these days and changes the mood of the garden completely. A joy to watch.

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