Almost Friday is on Thursday

Your bonsai weekend is ahead. You are waiting for some exciting new bonsai adventures. What to do?

Relax. Now we introduce a weekly (as far as possible) video from behind the scenes of the Kisetsu-en garden.

Watch what is prepared, small seasonal tips and tricks and other inspirational seasonal content. Some of this content goes out for free on our Youtube channel and on the blog, like the episode today.

Other videos will be dedicated to hour members exclusively, with seasonal tips and tricks, that didn’t find room at the large monthly Magazine released every month on the 1st.

The spirit of bonsai online teaching

The Kisetsu-en bonsai garden is located in Europe and seeking an intimate relationship between the surroundings and being a peaceful setting for bonsai. We strive for this to be expressed through our dedicated work with bonsai, so it can inspire and be a learning platform.

We hope the experience with online teaching bonsai is both showing quality content and content making bonsai being within reach for the enthusiast that doesn’t have the large pocket for valuable pre-bonsai at hand.

We show that through our tutorials with simple material as well as well trained Shohin and large bonsai.

The cornerstone is of course the popular Q&A, where members get a direct response and/or video answers. We add to this zoom meeting, but more about that soon. Or should we say zoom (bad jokes are part of the content).

Hope you will enjoy it, and please sign up and support the small business, so we can keep up bringing you good and inspiring content.

Enjoy the weekly Almost Friday at Kisetsu-en episode below.

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