Quiz time: Mame or Shohin bonsai?

Let´s have some fun and play a little quiz game. Because bonsai should be fun.

The question is: How big is this small bonsai. Is it Shohin size (maximum 20 cm / 8 inches) or is it a Mame bonsai (maximum 10 cm / 4 inches)?

Check the poll below the picture and add your qualified guess.

Cool or crazy? 😀 Cotoneaster with sun glazes and its master.


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Mame and Shohin bonsai

This is our main topic in August at the Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online Magazine. How to grow your own trees from simple material, and make stunning small bonsai in a few years.

We look at the aesthetics and caretaking and what differs a Mame from a Shohin bonsai. And not only size matters.

Small trees are cool.

There are some big advantages of going small. Easy handling, short time to work a full tree, and they are just cool to look at.

The challenges are watering and caretaking. When we have a busy day, working and taking care of our home and maybe kids, there isn’t always much time left. And small trees need to be watered well daily during the growing season because they do dry out faster than a large bonsai. But using a few simple tricks will make that easy to overcome.

Watch from August 1st when a bundle of new video tutorials are released.

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