Carina Jern bonsai pots unboxed

There are many talented bonsai ceramists in Europe, and one of them is doing her magic up north in Sweden. I received a box of new pots I carefully chose from the website this week. It is always exciting to see them in real life. If your expectations are met. Both colours and the feeling of the size, how well the walls are built, and the glaze are all factors of importance.

This is not justified in pictures and one has to hold them in the hand to observe the details in real life.

Two of the pots are small Shohin-sized pots, and the third is a bit bigger and usable for both Shohin and for an accent supporting a larger tree. All trees met my high expectations and you can see them in the gallery below and the video where I go through the pots, and their usage. Thanks, Carina. A link to Carina Jern’s website is inserted below if you want to see more.

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