Tokonoma night lights

Tokonoma version 2.0 Now light is installed in the outdoor Tokonoma, finished this summer for enjoying bonsai viewing. This makes it possible to make a display in the evenings during the darker periods of autumn. Displayed is a not yet finished Japanese maple, but chosen for the autumn leaves change.

Spring times

Spring is really showing her pretty face these days. The bonsai develops nicely and the garden develops fast. Warmer weather on its way, and it is time to trim trees and make them ready for the annual exhibition in Dansk Bonsai Selskab (The Danish bonsai Society). The Berberis shown here are ready to be part …

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Shohin frosts

The first really cold nights arrived this week, but weather turning milder and slightly warmer again. But cold nights produces wonderful hoar frosts on leaves. Please enjoy a few shots from an early morning.

Autumn shows

The autumn starts to show the beauty of the season in Denmark. The colder days lately begins to pay of at the Japanese Maple leaves. The next week will enhance this further. Pictures from the entrance of my garden and a few items at the benches.    

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