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Shimpaku upside down

For a number of years I have been growing a small Juniperus Shimpaku, and followed the original position until now. The tree was purchased as a semi-finished piece at the Mansei-en nursery in Omiya, Japan, of late Saburo Kato in 2005, and mainly bought as a memory of the time

Bonsai works in India

At my recent travel to India I did a lot of work during my stay. One of the tasks was to refine or totally restyle some already established bonsai. Also a few Shohin was made from raw material. Here I will show some of the trees I have done, with

Zelkova and sacrifice branches

A middle-sized bonsai pre-worked. This is the early stages of a Zelkova serrata I have been growing in the ground for some years to mature. Last year it was potted into a container, and now it is time to start some early stages of work. Making use of sacrifice branches

Cotoneaster training on a rainy day

On a rainy summer day like today, it is nice to bring in a bonsai to work on. This Cotoneaster microphylla was dug up three years ago as a small shrub. At the same time I managed to save a larger one too. I will show that one later on. It

Vinter justering / Winter adjustments

Rhododendron lysolepsis winter adjustments.