A moment of bonsai Zen

Have some Sunday bonsai laziness.

A moment of bonsai Zen.

Way too often I find myself working on my trees, and not just enjoying them. In between I try to find a moment of silence, just being a little lazy and relaxed.

Acer palmatum, Japanese maple. Breaking down the green chlorophylls shifting colors.

Let your brain have time off for a moment

Studies show that your brain needs to relax and way too often we are doing too much at the same time. Overworking the brain. Like muscles, the brain needs to relax and refill energy. Muscles get tired when we are running. Afterward, they need to restore, and the same is the case with the brain.

Relaxation can be many things. Watching something on the TV that doesn’t demand anything of you. Maybe you even forget what you just watched, and that’s fine. It means you relaxed.

Other things to do are sitting on a chair overlooking the garden or taking a slow walk in the forest doing some forest bathing. Or among your bonsai. Just walking around among the bonsai will add a feeling of calmness and peace. Just looking and taking in. Forgetting time and place may be the best thing to do, and bonsai meets exactly that need.

Bonsai, when they are convincing, has a timeless feeling and expression that make your mind travel to another place. The spirit of bonsai can do wonders if we remember to use them for other things than the competition. Focusing on the bonsai and bringing yourself in the background for a moment, might be better for the mind. Even if it is just for a short moment.

Styling a Shohin Yew.

Enjoy, learn and grow

The motto of Kisetsu-en Bonsai is “Improve your skills – Improve your bonsai“. Because we want you to make the best of your bonsai. So you can enjoy them and get back from the trees that you give to them. The better you nurse your bonsai, the bigger the reward.

Lean back and enjoy 1 hour and 43 minutes of bonsai on your screen published today, November 1st. Showing you the latest seasonal updates and ways to improve your bonsai. If you just watch and forget what was said, then do not worry. You can just rewatch as often as you please.

We now add marks at the timeline, so you can jump between the subjects in the video. Making your experience better, and we hope you will find it both relaxing and instructive.

The November episode content is focused on autumn actions.

Slip potting Acer campestre shohin forest

How day length and temperatures color leaves

Styling and balancing deciduous bonsai: Lilac (shohin)

Styling a shohin Yew

Q&A: Wooden boxes

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