Japanese White Pine autumn jobs

The Japanese White Pine is maybe the most elegant of all pines. The feminine light needles set up against the rough bark is as beautiful as only nature can create it.

Autumn is here in a moment, and the weather can change every day from being cool one day and acting as a summers day the next around here.

Japanese white pines dislike being wet, so if you live in an area where autumn services you with a lot of rain, then be careful bringing your White pines under a shelter.

They prefer being on the dry side rather than being wet. And autumn time with cooler weather can be a challenge for a Japanese white pine in a pot.

The Monthly Bonsai Magazine

In Septembers Monthly Magazine one of five episodes focuses on Japanese black, J. red and J. white pines. The techniques for Japanese black pines and handling the new growth emerging after candle removal earlier in the season. A members Question from Jeff answered.

Followed by needle thinning on Japanese white pines and the importance of timing so the branches don’t suffer. All launched September 1st.

Headlines for September tutorials are:

Seasonal care for the first autumn month

Species of the month: Japanese maple

How long can a Shohin stay in the small size and what are the warning signs of its physical limits 

Air layering Elm 2 – separating

Japanese black pine candle pruning and needle plucking at Japanese white pines.



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