Bonsai seasons

New bonsai tutorials are to be released on September 1st. As always a lot of thoughts, work and cutting (both trees and video) is put into this.

I hope you will enjoy it on this first day of autumn if we follow the calendar. What we really must follow is the seasonal changes, sticking a finder in the air and thinking about the season already passed. Because it influences a lot on what we to do next, what already happened.

The cold spring in Northern Europa has delayed some actions, like the development of new buds at Japanese black pines. Something that may not have any impact on the growth in Spain, Italy or Southern France.

Each of us has to learn and notice from the local conditions. We have to adapt that to the bonsai practice. Feeding, pruning and watering depend on the knowledge of each species and the seasonal changes.

Seasons of bonsai is something we focus on here at Kisetsu-en, and also in the new monthly episodes, we address the seasonal changes as an important part of the lectures.

New episodes online September 1st. 

Below you can enjoy the mood of the Kisetsu-en bonsai garden at it is at the moment. By the way, Kisetsu-en means “Garden of the changing seasons”.


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