Leaves changes within the minute

The tender new spring growth is to be enjoyed instantly. because especially Japanese maple leaves change rapidly. Almost within the minute. Or at least from one day to the next.

One of the things I enjoy about bonsai is the timeless feeling they express when mature and beautifully shaped. In strong opposition to the daily changes of leaves in spring or the short periods of flowering. But it also has special qualities.

Japanese maple leaves on the same tree, just one week difference.


Like having one good bite of quality chocolate, rather than eating a full plate of poor chocolate. I enjoy the small bites fully and the limited amount and time make me focus more on that special moment.

Morning walks

Therefore I enjoy my morning walk around the bonsai garden, just watching the leaves and what happened since yesterday. Today I concur with the strong odour from the farmers spreading shit on the field nearby, but it cant keep me away from the garden 😀 Just reminding me about fertilizin starts now. More about that and the complexity of planning in the next episode of BONSAI ON, released Thursday as always.

Also, companion plantings are flourishing and showing beautiful spring colours at the moment.

Here are two pictures shot again just one week apart. Look how it all changed. What a joy to be around bonsai. Enjoy your weekend with your bonsai.

Same tree a few days later… Japanese maple, Shohin bonsai.



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