The Shohin Bonsai Roadshow

Nothing better than a 2 X 9-hour drive in two days. The “Shohin Bonsai Roadshow” just have to go on. 😅

Luc kindly translated during the evening.

Invited by the Belgium Bonsai Association and more than 30 people took part in a fun and educational evening.

We came around many topics, including in-depth about the special techniques for one and two-flush pines. Advanced learning with a good interest.

Another eye-opener was the spring growth pruning and how to provoke back budding. We did a lot of talks and almost ran out of time to make one-to-one critiques on Shohin bonsai, and do some book signings.

Topics like feeding and timing, watering and growth control were added on top of the introduction to Shohin bonsai in general. A great night with a very good and interested crowd and many topics on the table.

A really great evening, and now I am back in the Kisetsu-en bonsai garden. Today will be coffee, sitting in a chair and doing some watering.


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