Spring details

Here a few close ups of spring signs at the bonsai area. Temperatures are rising fast these days and trees are showing significantly strong growth this year. I do not know exactly why, but the past year was not a good year for bonsai. 2010 started very cool, very slow. Then followed by a hot July, but cooler evenings (very little BBQ that year). Autumn again developed chilly in an early time, and the winter was extremely long and very cold. Therefore growth was not satisfying and I was not very happy about the development of my bonsai. especially after having trouble with winter storage the year before because I had to move in the middle of the winter when I sold my house.

Well, despite two years in a row with these difficulties, all my bonsai shows a large amount of new buds on most of my trees this spring. I have stored all trees in a protected green house, still freezing, but with temperatures a little higher due to some heat from the house storing our house warming source.

So growth this year, and as it is now, with early and warm spring time seems to increase growth and the health of the trees significantly. Was it the early warm weather, good storage and care for the trees, or a reaction on a season a year before were energy was stored for renewed growth, I do not know. But I enjoy it whatever causes this reaction, and look forward to a great season this year.


Acer palmatum


Rhododendron lysolepsis

Chinese Cork Bark Elm

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