Yesterday I got a message from a bonsai enthusiast on the island I live. He was giving up bonsai because of too little time to take care of his trees. He therefore asked me if I wanted to take over his little collection of trees, to secure the future of the trees he cared for. He had been doing bonsai only for five years but there might be something interesting among the trees so I said yes to take what he had.

Around ten trees in different stages of development was what I got with me home. There are absolutely tow trees with a bright future, a Potentilla and a Japanese maple, and a few others with potential. I am happy to have something new on the shelves, and the nice guy who handed over the tree wasn’t without talent. The trees needed a repotting, and the root system on all the trees were very well developed. I look forward to bring on these trees, some in Shohin size and some mid sized bonsai, in the spirit they were given to me. Thanks! This is the way bonsai should be, with love and dedication bringing the trees on to new caretakers if you have to stop yourself.

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