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A little post here concerning the use of material that happens to be re-used by others throughout the web. I am happy to share my photos and content on the website and blog I am running, but I am not so happy when it is out of control.

This means, that others publish my work at their websites and Blogs without permission. Even when I am credited for the work it is not all-right to use the photos e.g. from this blog or other media like Facebook without permission. This to protect my work that is to be viewed freely for personal use at your pc, and to protect the people who willingly have given me permission to photograph their work, professional or personal surroundings expecting this to be published solely at my websites in my control.

You can always write and ask for permission, and I will be willingly sharing the work that is not limited by other agreements, or in a content that not fits with my philosophy i.e.

So I have to point out that copyrights have to respected fully (read beneath) so i can continue sharing also the work that have been shared in trust with the people involved knowing they are not having themselves involved in unwanted commercials or at other websites e.g. no matter what purpose.

All copyrights reserved to Morten Albek for all content on this website including text, graphics and photos.

Copyrights are always to be respected, including content of my blog and or where ever content may appear.

I especially leads your attention towards not to use any pictures in any way at other websites, or printed in other ways without a confirmed written permission received from Morten Albek.

Material on this and sister websites of Morten Albek are put freely to be viewed and downloaded for personally use alone.

Disrespecting this not alone violates my work but also put my reputation at risk by the agreement made with people who have approved and trusted me photographing with the respect of only showing their work at my website or other ways controlled by me solely.

I am sorry I have to point this out strictly, but it seems necessary to underline that copyright laws are to be respected.

I lead your attention to be aware that any reprint of pictures without permission will be followed by a claim of payment for the use of the pictures. Such a payment will be far more expensive than asking for the use of pictures, or pay the normal fee for the use of pictures for commercial activities or journalistic purposes.

I sincerely hope you understand thee need of these instructions in order to protect the work otherwise free to enjoy at the website as it is.

Kind regards, Morten Albek

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