New Bonsai Empire course – bonsai from seed

My friends at Bonsai Empire have released a new bonsai online course. A course that isn’t like the usual how to create a bonsai course.

This time Michael Hagedorn and Bjorn Bjorholm dig into the very basic starts of creating bonsai material. Through seeds and cuttings.

Both gentlemen in the art of bonsai and with a huge knowledge they willingly share in each their own way. By the way, these are some of my favourite bonsai guys around being both very friendly and on a high artistic level.

The course explains the developmental techniques all the way from propagation to Nebari, Trunk, and Branch development.

If you want to learn the very basics and know it will take a lot of time to create bonsai from seeds and cuttings, this course gives you a lot of info about soil, timing and methods.
If you want to know more about the advanced techniques used in the ongoing and long-time process of developing refined bonsai, this course also digs into some of these parts of bonsai.

Slowly but with great insight Michael Hagedorn shows you how to do it yourself and with very little investment of money you can start the journey at home with the knowledge added here. I maybe miss a bit of info more precise on the species but a good lesson about how gardeners practise is when growing trees and shrubs from the very first stage.

Also knowing, that this way of growing bonsai gives you full control over the development of a bonsai from the very start. 

Bjorn Bjorholm’s skills are well known as well, and with his great artistic sensible touch, he guides you through the design and development steps of various materials trained early up to more refined stages.

Both coniferous, broadleaf evergreen and deciduous trees are shown up to be more mature developed trees with insights in both trunk and branch development. Take your time and find valuable and well-explained guidance in starting bonsai from the very beginning up to more detailed bonsai. 

The info

Developing Bonsai from Seed course

With Michael Hagedorn and Bjorn Bjorholm

Learn how to develop a Bonsai from scratch – from seeds, cuttings or air layers. We explain the developmental techniques all the way from Propagation to Nebari, Trunk, and Branch development.

Course Introduction

Growing a Bonsai from the very beginning is incredibly rewarding, but difficult at the same time. By understanding the developmental stages of Bonsai, you’ll be able to apply the right techniques at the right time, speeding up your progress substantially. In this online course, we cover the various propagation techniques and walk you through the process of surface roots (Nebari), trunk and branch development.

The expert teachers, Michael Hagedorn and Bjorn Bjorholm, teamed up to bring you an all-around introduction to growing Bonsai from seeds, cuttings and air layers. This is a unique opportunity to start fun new projects in your garden and develop your very own Bonsai trees – from scratch!

> Learn how to develop a Bonsai

> Understand the developmental stages to speed up progress

> Expert teachers show you how to do it yourself

23 lectures, total 6 hours film

Price: $59.99

Level: Intermediate

Lifetime access. Go to

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