Bonsai makes you notice the small things in life

Spring is zooming in in Europe. Bonsai shows the signs of longer and warmer days. Japanese maples begin unfolding their delicate leaves and light changes.

The light is not only increasing in strength and making the days longer. It also is changed because of the earth heating up. The warmer earth sends up more damp in the air, and this changes the light from being crystal clear and sharp for your eyes, towards a different, slightly softer and warmer light as it has to pass through and get filtered by the air now filled with tiny water drops.

Prunus avium, Shohin bonsai. Pot by Elsebeth Ludvigsen.

Walking through the bonsai garden makes this being a new experience if you notice and appreciate the small things in life. For me, bonsai has added more sensitivity and a higher appreciation of small things. Making these tiny moments and details big.

I watch the light change as I watch my trees. Looking at the mature bark at a White pine, or the tender new leaves at the maples.

Japanese maple leaves begin the process of opening.

For me, the morning is the best

I do not know many things better than waking up early (I am always waking early for some reason) and walk silently around the garden and enjoy my bonsai. My coffee in one hand, and then stroll around. Listening to the birds, watching the trees, noticing small details. And just waking up in his small paradise.

Remember to enjoy and not just working with bonsai is important. Although I run a bonsai business here, I do try to remember to keep the joy of bonsai in mind and not lose this to a busy daily schedule.

I do not succeed all the time, but I do my best. Enjoy your day around your trees.



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