Bonsai forest caught on video

April is a month of unpredictable weather. We never know how it goes. The only thing that is certain is that the temperatures go up and down, and I have to take care of the sudden night freezing that might occur as late as May around here.

I released the April episodes of the Kisetsu-en Bonsai online Magazine as I named it. Because it is like a monthly magazine, just on video.

A bonsai forests creation

Forest creating, is one of the interesting topics I find. Forests are not just a bunch of seedlings or hedge plant joined because we couldn’t find a use for them elsewhere. Creating a forest demands the same aesthetical considerations and balance as every bonsai demands.

It is true that hedge plants and seedling are good subjects as material for a forest. But they have to be selected by size, movement and expression so they all work together as a full composition.

The mixed forest is maybe even more demanding than a forest created with one specimen. Both horticultural and aesthetical the chosen trees must play well together.

In the April episode, we set the bones of a new forest adventure, and you can follow the development over time as we get back to the forest regularly and follow up on the development and evolution over time.

Topics in April

Seasonal care. Other topics this month are as always the seasonal care. What mid springtime means to feed bonsai in different development stages among other things.

Specimen of the month. A new monthly feature is showing a selected bonsai from the Kisetsu-en bonsai collection. I start out with the European Yew and tells the story behind it, and how to care for this specimen.

Air layering techniques. Another Q&A goes on air layering techniques. Show it, don’t tell it an old advice sounds in the TV world. I can’t avoid talking though 🙂 but also shows in detail how to air layer an ordinary Elm (Ulmus). And, maybe more important, how to prepare and aftercare is best done.

Forest X 2. And finally, the big forest is created and explained in detail. Followed up by Almost Friday at Kisetsu-en, also released yesterday.

Watch it all at the Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online section here.

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