Bonsai friendship

Landed at home ground today after a very joyful travel to India.

Freezing temperature here making a difference of around 40 C so memories have to keep me warm. Bonsai Namaste 2018 was the reason I went to India for a good weeks time. Today tired after all the work, impressions and a lot of transporting. A few more posts and a Vlog (for subscribers) will be added soon. But let’s start with the friendships.

I will like to share the importance of the friendships that our interest in bonsai brings as a great bonus. It might sound as a bit of a clich├ę but friendships are developed through our common interest in bonsai – as it does between other people who have shared interests in other hobbies and arts. Some friendships are long time lasting and I cherish these very much. As we do when we meet in our national organisations and local gatherings. Friendships plays an important part of what we do.

Bjorn Bjornholm warming up for his demo captured by Bonsai Empire.

The India event was one of the funniest and friendliest tours I have been on for a while. A bunch of really cool artists sharing their love for bonsai and their great skills. On top of that adding the friendship and relations. Building on old (and some just brief) and new ones started. We had some really great laughs at this tour. Also on stage when sabotaging another artists performance to entertain the audience and amuse ourselves. Remember to take bonsai seriously fun and take friendships just seriously.

Tony Tickle – at right ­čÖé with a new friend.

The artists were:

Bjorn Bjorholm (US) – Morten Albek (Denmark) – Tony Tickle (UK) – Tony bebb (Australia) –┬áKoji Hiramatsu (Japan) –┬áKunio Kobayashi (Japan) –┬áMauro Stemberger (Italy) –┬áMarc Noelanders (Belgium) –┬áSergio Luciani (Argentina) (No 9) – Mike Siow (Malaysia) –┬áNacho Marin (Venezuela) –┬áPeter Warren (UK) –┬áPedro J. Morales (Puerto Rico) –┬áRudy Najoan (Indonesia) –┬áSuthin Sukosolvisit (US) –┬áTran Thang (Vietnam. And more people like Oscar (Netherlands) from bonsai Empire. Thanks everybody.

Below a gallery focused on fun and friendship. Then we can be more “serious” about bonsai in coming posts ­čÖé


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