Finding the right bonsai pot

One of the fun things about repotting bonsai in spring, is the possibility to select a new pot for a tree. You can change pots during the season if roots are left undisturbed an it is a necessity for an exhibition. But then you can’t adjust the position of the tree much or prune any roots.

Ulmus corticosa, Chinese cork bark elm. 2018.

Therefore the repotting season (later winter / spring) is a good time to check up on a possible new pot and adjustment of the position in the pot, as well as the angle the tree is set in. The Chinese Cork bark Elm, Ulmus corticosa, at the pictures I have been growing in different training pots during the 13 years I have had this in my collection. I have searched for the right pot for some time and tried different solutions without finding the one and only match. But now it is there.

It is a high quality Japanese pot, and the soft lines and theĀ feets support the tree very well I think. Also the subtle creamed yellow colour supports the green of the leaves. If exhibited in winter I will change the pot to a blue glaze so it fits better with the time of the year. In winter I think the present colour of the chosen pot will look to warm and having a different feeling and expression. The creamed yellow colour enhances the summer time image. All a matter of taste and individuality in the end.

As the tree looks at present trunk size and pot harmonize. As do the overall balance of tree and pot. Leaves has just begun to open. Looking forward to the coming growing season. Bonsai are repotted in the workshop these days, and the second part of the bonsai and shohin-bonsai repotting video guide is online at the Bonsai Video Studio.

Watch a total of 110 minutes in-depth information with step-by-step examples about repotting bonsai. For subscribers. You can sign up for a free one month trial period and take a look.

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