Busy bonsai spring

Spring is always busy. Bonsai repotting, acquiring new pots and new material for future bonsai and so on. Probably one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Looking forward to the growing season.

Pinus mugo buds shows good growth in spring on a newly styled tree. Medium size.

This year the bonsai garden will be expanded a little and improved with new display tables. Both for the daily life and for the video production. New material for video demonstrations have been collected in autumn and this spring.

Styling of raw material have been a request, and therefore the next themes will concentrate on different examples of pre-styling and initial styling. Both shohin and medium-sized trees will be subject for this, and we will be doing some drastic pruning to start future material and show how, why and when.

Right now I do enjoy seeing how life awakens from bare trunks as light improves with longer days and warmer weather. Everything seems delayed this year because of an extended winter period. Now it changes rapidly and will set everything on fast mode it seems. Bonsai is still a slow art though. Enjoy spring. I will clean the benches and enjoy a sunny day.

new tree in collection. Waiting for first initial styling. Will be part of one of the next monthly video themes.

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