Timing your bonsai actions

Summer is creeping up on us. But spring busy days still demands full attention on all new growth. Timing your bonsai actions is essential, and there are no fixed recipes telling exactly when to do what. Not at a time scale anyway. It’s much about knowing each tree and understand its needs.

Some students ask for fixed dates telling what to do when. It isn’t how it works though. 🙂 Different temperatures may slow down or speed up the processes. Trees may be weaker growing because they are recently repotted, or newly collected. Others are strong growing because they are well fertilized the past seasons, and established bonsai showing of by pushing good healthy growth in spring.

At our bonsai online weekly tutorials, we try to dig deeper into these subjects and the timing. We will cover a wide range of subjects, and follow chosen trees during the season. To see the actions taken at each individual tree, and learn from this.

A single Lilac flower. Have to be removed though, because all focus will be on growth this season.

Through the seasons

In our weekly Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online videos, we will deal with a lot of these questions of timing. And focus on the different aspects of newly collected trees versus established older bonsai.

The online tutorials are arranged in groups covering the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the seasonal sections arranged so you easily can find the information you need at the time you need it.

Newly established Yew forest. Now pushing growth after being pruned the year before. When it has gained enough strength and added a larger amount of foliage it will be styled.


One of the core elements in the bonsai online memberships is the Q&A feature. Members can ask questions about bonsai techniques and care. The next episode, launched Thursday next week (June 4) will be dedicated to the questions from the members. We already received several qualified questions that deserve good answers.

This includes this silver birch and timing the pruning and much more.

Every Thursday

We go for publishing every Thursday (with a few exceptions) during the year. Getting you on top of what to do when and why.

Improve your skills – Improve your bonsai.


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