Cat-amono and the deciduous bonsai chess game

Kusamono or Catamono?

Funny moment at the Kisetsu-en bonsai garden. Shooting the Dwarf Hosta as it just stands perfect with a new flower. Mounted in an Elsebeth Ludvigsen pot. Our cat – ruling the premises with secure paws – couldnt resist posing during the photo shoot.

Deciduous chess play

The new weekly episode is online. Had a lot of interesting thoughts on this subject thanks to Lars from Germany, who asked some interesting questions as a member of the community here. Also, direct messages have been sending to other members during this week.

It is a great pleasure to have you all on board, sharing your passion for bonsai through the Q&A service and all the comments you send in. Both sending personal messages directly and on social media. It really makes it worthwhile to do this.

Watering a Japanese maple still at an unmatured stage n its development as bonsai. Looking forward to taking the next steps for the years to come.

This weekly episode is focused on long-termed actions and planning when dealing with developing bonsai from deciduous material. Nearly 43 minutes to watch. And you can watch it whenever, and as often as you please. Like all the videos continuously stored in the video library.

Have a nice weekend when it comes nearer to you.

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  • Peggy L Howard

    Hi, thank you for adding PayPal as a way to pay. I have been watching since October 2019 for a way to pay with American dollars. The “English” option is no longer on the top of the form. As soon as you put that back I will buy one.
    End of the month when noticed PayPal, as soon as it’s August I plan on signing up for your website. I’m on tight funds.
    I took your “Shohin course”. Very good answered a lot of questions I didn’t know how to ask.
    Don’t understand how to determine seasons, so really looking forward to getting the book.
    Thanks, Peggy

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