Live Q&A coming up

Bonsai enthusiasts often love to talk. And ask questions. That’s one of the great things about our interest in the small trees in pots. All that surrounds it. Conversations and friendship.

I literally answer hundreds of questions during a season. From aesthetical choices to growing techniques. And I learn something too on the way.

Being forced to dig up what I do not have hands-on knowledge about, or just refreshing the menu.

In the July episodes, one topic is about displaying bonsai in the home. How do we do that when we do not have a Japanese Tokonoma. What is the difference between outdoor displays and indoor? How do we arrange bonsai and use them in our daily life?

One answer is it is important to do it. No matter how, and not all trees needs to be fully developed to be enjoyed and studied. I go through this in the special Q&A video which is part of the July Video Magazine.

LIVE Q&A hosted at Zoom every month

Besides the monthly release of new videos we always follow up with a Live Q&A hosted on Zoom.

You find all information about taking part. It is really simple. Join in as a member, be ready with some questions or just take part. Follow the link. That’s it 🙂

Next meeting on Thursday June 8 8 PM (UTC +2)


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