Read your tree in autumn

Autumn is showing its bright colours. Almost like a traffic light with green, yellow and reds shining at the branches on deciduous Japanese maples, the Korean hornbeam or the Elm.

I am lucky to have some nice weather the last days with the sun bringing out colours helped by cool nights. Every year is different, and what shines one season may be taken over by another tree the next. All have to do with the seasonal changes and genetics of each tree.

Read your tree

There are some valuable insights when looking at autumn colours at a bonsai. A branch showing earlier fall colours than others at a tree may indicate weakness of that branch and must be handled the following season.

November 1st new tutorials are released at the Kisetsu-en Monthly Bonsai magazine.

As usual, we dig into seasonal care. What is important at the moment and looking a month ahead. Taking care of bonsai is much a matter of commitment and discipline. Being there at the right time, and handling every tree in the bonsai collection separately.

Following the seasons of bonsai care is as important as learning styling. Only healthy trees taken good care of will respond well to wiring and cutting.

November themes

In the November tutorials released on Monday, November 1st we look into:

Bonsai seasonal care – deciduous defoliation and wiring – feeding ended – health care of bonsai soil – preparation for overwintering and more.

Other headlines are clump and raft style bonsai design, Prunus mume growing strategy, Nordic bonsai style creation and presenting the Pinus mugo as species of the month.

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