Kisetsu-en bonsai news for 2022

A new year approaches after we have celebrated Christmas time and/or enjoyed some well deserved holidays. A special thanks to nurses and doctors who work hard to get us safely through the Covid pandemic.
Also, the Covid have changed our online habits and we are getting more used to meet online. I experience a lot of good things have come out of a bad situation too. I newer thought it would be possible to meet on Zoom and have an enjoyable conversation and meet people like this. But it works.
Of course not like meeting face to face, but still we manage to come together as one united group with people from all over the world. Something that will rarely happen if we have to physically move to the same place to meet.

Kisetsu-en online was started before I knew anything about the pandemic, and I look forward to the day this virus is defeated. Or at least it is not dominating the world anymore. But online meetings, conversations and teaching is here to stay for sure.

There are many benefits of this kind of knowledge exchange and I strive to move it forward and improve. So here are what we plan for the near future. (By the way: Stay tuned for small lottery announced this upcoming weekend).

News for the year ahead

We are really happy about all the positive feedback coming from all our dedicated members. Makes the hard work worthwhile.

Striving to find the best balance for the members leads to a few changes I hope will be received well.


Instead of posting one large package a month, from 2022 a weekly publication will be the new normal.
This will give you more content regularly and aim for more precise seasonal work with bonsai. Some weeks short and sweet, other weeks longer content going in-depth with styling or certain topics. We let the content decide the length and aim to bring you the best possible and inspirational lectures.

Bonsai ON

You may have noticed a new name for the content. Wanted to spice things up a bit as we improve and make small changes. Therefore Bonsai ON is the new brand for online education at Kisetsu-en.
Bonsai ON relates to being on air, being on top of your skills, being online, and whatever synonyms we can attach to ON.
Also, 音 is the Japanese sign for on, and means “sound”. Including the phonetic units counted in haiku, tanka, and other such poetic forms.

So on is a nice word expressing both traditional arts as well as modern communication.

On Thursdays

We aim to send out new content out on Thursdays with few exceptions.
The LIVE Q&A taking place on Thursdays will be recorded and re-posted normally a day or two afterwards due to processing time technicalities.
A new feature will be a machine-translated edition for those of you having less English language practice. Or just want to watch without sound on.
Next Live Q&A takes place Thursday December 9th by the way. At 8 PM (20:00) UTC +1 for our members. Good questions already received but you can jump in as well and ask live as we go. Live Q&A info here

Subtitles in new languages

From 2022 we also add Danish and Swedish to our subtitles. Although automated machine translations aren’t necessarily spot-on, it absolutely helps break down language barriers and we hope you will find them useful. 
Languages available with subtitles for all video content onwards are:
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

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