Roland visit in the garden starts the summer holidays

Well-known Shohin bonsai creator Roland Schatzer from Italy visited the Kisetsu-en garden—a perfect start on the holidays here.

Holidays just add more time to write on the next Shohin bonsai book, so hours will be used in the studio and behind the laptop.

Two men favouring Shohin bonsai grown from simple material. Roland Schatzer and Morten Albek (right).

Passion for Shohin

Roland and I share the same approach to shohin bonsai and it is funny to know we started our passion for Shohin bonsai at the same time back in 1993. 20 years of simultaneous love for creating small trees. Friendship in bonsai is as important as the art itself, and we had a great time talking about Shohin. Hope to return the visit later.

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