Vote for the bonsai pot you love.

Challenge the traditional bonsai pot. Here is a big pile of shots from the last episode of “Almost Friday at Kisetsu-en”.
Photos of the pots by Kerámia Varga that will be used for upcoming tutorials at BONSAI ON. Different artistic pots that challenge the traditional bonsai pot.

So do we dare to do something different? It is too much, or does it add something interesting to the palette?

The new pots will be used to create something different, and I believe it can be refreshing to push the borders a little sometimes. New ideas should never push away the old and traditional. Just add some tension and a different artistic feeling.
Looking forward to seeing how well and balanced I can do this side by side with the original art of bonsai respectfully.

Take a look at the pots and let me know what you think? A quick fun poll because we love bonsai 🙂

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