Firethorn styling

An old homegrown Pyracantha, Firethorn, pregrown by my friend Johnny Eslykke. Developed up to this stage from a simple cutting, and now I will bring it the next steps towards a magnificent flowering bonsai.


It has been grown in a simple plastic container until now and desperately needs a repotting. The roots circulate inside and it will be a huge job to successfully develop a healthy and aesthetically pleasing nebari (surface roots). This will be a spring task when temperatures rise.


First thing first. The job this week is to clean up and arrange the main branches with simple wiring. Just before spring is the right time to perform these techniques with the Firethorn.


The firethorn shows beautiful flowers in late spring and early summer, developing red, orange or yellow berries afterwards depending on the variety. The only disadvantage is the spiky thorns you have to deal with to avoid getting pierced.


Thursday at BONSAI ON we take these important steps and plan the future for this broad-leafed species, where the strategy for success relies on proper planning and developing as if it was a deciduous tree.



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